Tuesday, 14 July 2015

GALA at Grimeborn Festival, Arcola

A new production of "Gala", Ergo Phizmiz's opera on the romance of Gala Dali and Jesus Christ Superstar, is presented in a new production, directed by the composer, at Arcola's Grimeborn 2015 Festival.


Jeff Fenholt is a twenty-one year old actor, playing the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. Gala Dali is the aging wife and muse of Salvador Dali. GALA is the story of their affair.

This tragicomic chamber opera from 'renaissance man Ergo Phizmiz' (The Wire) plays at Grimeborn for one night only.

A highly original voice in British music, Phizmiz has created award-winning radio pieces for the BBC, original albums and, most recently, a film score. This year he became the first composer-in-residence at the Hay Festival.

"One of the most inventive composers around ... a musical equivalent to Chris Morris" – BBC Radio 3

"The musical man-of-the-moment ..." – The Times
"Thanks for your beautiful, compelling, funny, crazy stuff. I listen to you while sitting at my drawing board. Keep up the fine work!" – Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons

"I strongly advise you try and attend. For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Ergo, he is an exceptionally difficult fellow to describe, he has over the years produced a body of work that crosses over every kind of music and sound imaginable.” – Tom Ravenscroft, New Statesman

"Not so much a one-man band as a one man movement" - The Wire Magazine

"Always accessible yet always otherworldly….It’s at moments like this when the quixotic notion of Ergo Phizmiz breaking through seems more than merely a slightly unhinged dream" – BBC Music Review

"Mad but mesmerising" – The Times

"Ergo is a completely English original who I think we should cherish deeply” – Sound Projector Magazine

"Eccentric, boundary testing, ridiculously different…In some ways you could say that Ergo Phizmiz is the complete artist…” – The Kaje

"With so many claims to eccentricity in today’s pop-culture, it’s hard to differentiate talent from cliché but Phizmiz’s art places him as the real deal." – The Upcoming

Ticket Information and Times

Sunday evening at 8pm
All tickets £10

Tickets are £10 or less with Arcola Passport
Running time: 30 minutes (no interval).
In Studio 1, seating is allocated.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Original instrumental music from the production for voice, puppetry and animation "A Fairy Tale of World War II", which premiered at Bridport Arts Centre, May 2015, supported by PRS For Music Foundation.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Fairy Tale of World War II Press Release

World Premiere
Bridport Arts Centre, May 15th, 2015
£10 / £8 / £6

Bridport Arts Centre will host the premiere performance of A Fairy Tale of World War II, a new piece for theatre bringing together music, animation, shadow puppetry, simple automata, rhyme, sound effects, and paper collage.

In the heart of blitzed-out London, a starving little girl sees visions that ultimately lead her to Babelsberg Film Studios in Nazi Germany, where a propaganda weapon known as the "Truth Bomb" is being developed in secret. How can she stop them? What does one girl have that the entire Nazi war machine does not?

A fantastical journey through the heart of fairy tales, A Fairy Tale of World War II melds stories from classic fairy tale literature with World War II propaganda – from both sides of the channel. The original score, with inspirations from music box to music hall, whisks the audience back in time and through the looking glass.

Performed by adults and children, A Fairy Tale of World War II reflects on childhood, the horrors of war, death, and magic, playing games with cross-media storytelling as it travels through its dreamlike narrative.

The project was made possible by a grant from PRS for Music Foundation.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Fairytale of World War II - Premieres May 15th 2015

Premiering May 15th at Bridport Arts Centre

A Shadow-Play & Picture Book by
D.W. Robertson & Thea Martin

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

IN UTERO limited time download

For Kurt's birthday, Ergo Phizmiz has re-released for a very limited time (until the download link expires in a few days) his 2014 cover of the entirety of Nirvana's "IN UTERO" for toy & acoustic instruments.

The album's initial release lasted less than 24 hours (music law eh?), so this would constitute the longest release of this skronky beast.

Download the album (via a Wetransfer link) HERE.