Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ergo Phizmiz Live at Cafe Oto

The entirety of Ergo Phizmiz's recent entirely unamplified performance at Cafe Oto.

New Collages & Mixed Media work by Ergo Phizmiz

New things. You can come and see these in the flesh, and hundreds more, at HOLLYWOOD, Ergo Phizmiz's studio, which is taking part in the next Bridport Open Studios at the end of August....

"Machine Meditations" - Triptych. Acrylic, Wall Paint, Ink, Collage & Meccano on wood panels.

"Enochianopoly" - Phantasy Board Game. Cardboard, wood, vinyl record, ping-pong ball, paper, marker-pen, collage, poster-paint, acrylic paint, domino, clothes peg, dice.

"Aurora" - Paper, cigar, domino, fabric, wall paint, marker paint on canvas.

"With Or Without Boiled Beans" - Paper, electrical tape, cardboard, plastic.

"Intermezzo" - Fabric, meccano, ink, paper, on canvas.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Saturday 2 August 20:15-21:00 & Sunday 3 August 16:15-17:00

White Lab Central Saint Martins

A new electronic Wild West medieval apocalypse opera by Ergo Phizmiz, premiering at Tete a Tete: The Opera Festival 2014.

A dream-odyssey through the nether regions of the Wild West, where Wolf Shamans summon lightning, cowboys ride on rocking chairs, and the strains of an out-of-tune Banjo are never far away. A ramshackle epic of shadows and pistols, Peashoot is a unique take on the mythologies and mysteries of an esoteric Americana, from festival regular Ergo Phizmiz.

Listen to Ergo Phizmiz Shoots Peas on WFMU, a radiophonic workshopping of many of the ideas that ended up in the final version of the show, on Vicki Bennett's Do Or DIY with People Like Us

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

MAGICKOWPOODISCO - 3 hours of superduper kid's disco mixes by Ergo Phizmiz

In May 2014, Ergo Phizmiz brought the MAGICKOWPOODISCO to Bristol Museum. There were dancing harpies, giants, and much sweat. 

Now for the toe tapping delectation of your own small persons, and, of course, yourselves, Ergo Phizmiz presents the MAGICKOWPOODISCO mixes in their entirety as a free download.

What did happen when Dr Seuss & Dr Dre got stuck in a lift together?

All your favourites thrown together in a whirl of cream cakes and cowpat.

MAGICKOWPOODISCO was presented by Qujunktions and Museums at Night at Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery.

Within the whirl of magical dung, you will hear, in various quantities...
(...of sounds mainly sourced from the You Tuba...)

Henry Hall "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf"
Psy "Gangnam Style"
Unknown "3 Bees Buzzing Around"
Disney "A Very Merry Unbirthday to You"
Arthur Askey "Busy Busy Bee"
Augustus Pablo "East of the River Nile"
Betty Boop "Musical Mountaineers"
Beyonce "Crazy in Love"
Disney's Cinderella OST "Cinderella"
Boney M "Rasputin"
Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe"
BBC TV "Charlie & Lola"
Chic "Good Times"
Unknown "Clapping & Stamping"
Dance Music of the Renaissance Collegium Aureum
David Tudor "Rainforest"
Deee Lite "Groove is in the Heart"
Unknown "Disco Music, Disco 80s"
DJ Herax - Brooms "The Sorcerer's Apprentice - I Got Fantasia"
Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire "Dr Who Theme"
Donna Summer "Could It Be Magic"
Dr Dre "Still Dre"
Ellie Goulding "Bun"
The Wizard of Oz OST "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"
Handel "Water Music"
Goodiepal "Summer of the Cat"
Dr Seuss / Marvin Miller "Green Eggs and Ham"
Hot Butter "Popcorn"
Art Ross "How to Draw 1000 Funny Faces"
Johnny Cash "I walk the Line"
Unknown "Kittens & Cats Meowing"
Paul & Mary Rits "Let's Have a Puppet Show"
LIPPS Inc "Funkytown"
Thurston Harris "Little Bitty Pretty One"
Little Black Sambo "Little Black Sambo's Jungle Band"
Disney's Pinocchio OST "Little Wooden Head"
Lou Bega "Mambo No 5"
Manu Chao "Bongo Bong / Je Ne T'Aime Plus"
Mary Poppins OST "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
Unknown "Minimal Electro Music Silvester Remix Happy New Year"
Model 500 "No UFOS"
Motor City Soul "Playground"
The Magic Roundabout Theme
Myron Floren "Disco Polka"
Nancy Sinatra "These Boots are Made for Walking"
Unknown "Noises & Sounds"
Lionel Bart "Food Glorious Food"
Paul Gilbert "Crazy Solo"
Disney "Peter & the Wolf"
Pierre Schaeffer "Etude aux Chemins de Fer"
DJ Jack "Pink Elephants on Parade Remix"
Littlestorybug "Baby Bumblebee"
Reel 2 Real "I Like to Mov It"
Reese "Rock to the Beat"
Saint-Saens "Aquarium"
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves OST "Heigh Ho"
Bill Stern "Space Stories and Sounds"
Unknown "Strawberry Jam"
Technotronic "Pump Up the Jam"
Unknown "The Flight of the Xylophone"
The Jive Aces "Momma Don't Allow"
Fantasia Dubstep "The Skunky Nutcracker"
Silly Symphonies "The Three Little Pigs"
The Timelords "Doctorin' The Tardis"
Mel Blanc "I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat"
Ed Case "Something in Your Eyes"
The Sherman Brothers "Up Down Touch the Ground"
Yazoo "Don't Go"

These mixes are, of course, dedicated to
Talulah, Autumn, and Ariadne (tbc)
of course,
to ALL the children of the world.
(Except the really, really annoying ones,
and also the ones who
throw up phlegm onto their
blazers then eat the phlegm,
that's never good.)
SO -
dedicated to MOST of the children in the world.
And the ones who it's not dedicated to, 
well, you know who you are....
Father Christmas is only an e-mail away....
Sweet dreams....

Friday, 16 May 2014

Ergo Phizmiz at Hay Festival

Sound & Music and Good Energy have teamed up to present a new work for music and performance by Ergo Phizmiz, created entirely on-site at this year's Hay Festival.

How many Socratic dialogues does it take to illuminate a lightbulb?

Could "War & Peace" be used to power a refrigerator for a year?

Can the average home generate its monthly energy with the Times Literary Supplement?

All these, and more, questions will be answered by this bicycle powered musico-literary fantasia from Ergo Phizmiz, in which an eccentric polymathic librarian-inventor reveals his life's work: the creation of devices for capturing the energy generated by ideas, discourse, words, and using that energy as a renewable source for our day to day lives.

Created entirely on-site during Hay Festival, the performance will combine bike powered collage music, gramophone-automata, puppetry, live music, and performance, melding into a fantastical, Heath Robinsonesque world that also draws parallels between the ideas of renewable energy / recycling, and the raid-the-universe collage approach of many contemporary artists.

Press Release
Hay Festival 2014 sees major partner, 100% renewable electricity supplier Good Energy, team up with Sound and Music, the UK’s flagship agency for the promotion of contemporary music, to create a sound art installation, a first for the Festival.

Good Energy uses the 100% renewable power of sun, wind and water to match over the course of a year, the electricity its customers use. It has selected composer Ergo Phizmiz to create a new work to capture the ‘Good Energy of Hay’ and will engage visitors, performers and the festival environment as inspiration for the composition.

Attendees are invited to come and take part in the bicycle-powered fantasia being produced during the Festival at the Good Energy stand.

Ergo is Sound and Music’s Composer-in-Residence with Mahogany Opera Group. He is a true innovator, whose recent reviews have named him “One of the most inventive composers around” (BBC Radio 3), “Mad, but mesmerising” (The Times) and a hybrid between “the new Viv Stanshall, a young Eno, a British Zappa, or a replacement for Frank Sidebottom” (The Guardian).